Finding Your Purpose Or Living With Purpose?

living with purpose
Do You Live With Purpose?

Have you ever tried to define your purpose? If so, you probably found it extremely difficult and frustrating to do so.

We can all identify what we care about in life pretty easily, so why is it so hard to come up with our life’s purpose?

There are a ton of techniques to do this, the best of which I believe is contained in a TED talk by Adam Leipzig.

But there’s a problem with trying to define our purpose this way:

There’s an enormous difference between defining your purpose and living with purpose.

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Extreme Travel Hacking: 7 Days in Ibiza for Under $75 (How to Save 95%)

Cheap Ibiza Vacation
Want to save 95% in Ibiza?

Ibiza, Spain’s world famous party island, is supposed to make for one hella-expensive trip.

If you do it “properly”, it won’t be cheap. You’re looking at well over $1000 for a week – NOT including your flight. Based on my research, $200 a day is an average budget.

But I’ll show you how to do it for under $75 – saving 95% off the normal cost of this vacation, and still have by-and-large the same experience.

But to do so, it’s gonna take some ridiculous creativity and possibly getting uncomfortable with what I like to call “Ultra-Minimalist Travel” or “Extreme Travel Hacking”.

It’s all about questioning our basic assumptions about how the world works, an important habit in it’s own right.

The premise is simple: Find out what is possible in terms of cost savings and use that as our starting point for traveling – not just throwing up our hands and saying “well, $200/day it is, no way around it.”

It’s even sweeter when you can have largely the same experience for a fraction (1/20th) of the price people would normally pay.

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