Tales From Planet Earth: 3 Lessons From A Hindu Temple (Part 1)

Lessons From A Hindu Temple I – On Giving

The Lesson of Giving

Though my belly already felt like an over-inflated bike tire, I scooped a final spoonful of a viscous, reddish-brown paste onto what passed for plates at the Hindu temple – sheets of thick brown paper – as WiseRoo* gave me a quick lesson on decorum.

“…I understand why you’d wear shorts and a tee-shirt here, but they don’t. See, they’re all in collared shirts and pants.”

I could have argued that I hadn’t had the foggiest idea we were going to a Hindu temple, but that would have served no use. Heck, if I had known, I’d have done the same thing because it’s freakin’ hot here in Kuala Lumpur.

Anyway, WiseRoo was on too much of a roll to allow my ego to interfere with the lessons he was serving up as hot and fast as the community breakfast we’d just received. Continue reading “Tales From Planet Earth: 3 Lessons From A Hindu Temple (Part 1)”